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PDFWAC 460-25A-040

Factors considered to determine whether a term is a senior-specific certification or professional designation.

In determining whether a combination of words (or an acronym standing for a combination of words) constitutes a certification or professional designation indicating or implying that a person has special certification or training in advising or servicing senior citizens or retirees, factors to be considered shall include:
(1) Use of one or more words such as a "senior," "retirement," "elder," or like words, combined with one or more words such as "certified," "registered," "chartered," "adviser," "specialist," "consultant," "planner," or like words, in the name of the certification or professional designation; and
(2) The manner in which those words are combined.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 21.20.450, 21.20.020 (1)(c), 21.20.110 (1)(g). WSR 08-14-006, ยง 460-25A-040, filed 6/19/08, effective 7/20/08.]
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