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PDFWAC 458-53-140

Personal property ratio study.

(1) Introduction. This rule provides information about the personal property ratio study, including the basis for a county's personal property ratio, the determination of strata for each county, and the effect of the discovery of omitted property on the ratio study.
(2) Basis for personal property ratio. The basis for a county's personal property ratio will be valuation data with respect to personal property from the three years preceding the current assessment year.
(3) Stratification of rolls. Determination of strata for each county will be made by the department to ensure the selection of a representative audit sample and will be reviewed periodically. After the strata have been determined, the department will notify the counties of the strata limits and each county must provide the department with the following, taken from the county's assessment rolls:
(a) A representative number of samples, as determined by the department, in each stratum, together with:
(i) The name and address of the taxpayer for each sample;
(ii) The previous year's assessed value for each sample;
(iii) The current year's assessed value for each sample; and
(iv) The actual number of samples;
(b) The total number of personal property accounts in each stratum; and
(c) The total assessed value in each stratum for both the previous and the current years.
(4) Omitted property. If the department discovers omitted property in a county, the results of the department's audit will be included in the ratio study.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 84.08.010, 84.08.070, and 84.48.075. WSR 16-11-031, § 458-53-140, filed 5/10/16, effective 6/10/16; WSR 02-14-031, § 458-53-140, filed 6/24/02, effective 7/25/02; WSR 96-05-002, § 458-53-140, filed 2/8/96, effective 3/10/96. Statutory Authority: RCW 84.48.075. WSR 84-14-039 (Order PT 84-2), § 458-53-140, filed 6/29/84; WSR 79-11-029 (Order PT 79-3), § 458-53-140, filed 10/11/79. Formerly WAC 458-52-080.]
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