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PDFWAC 458-30-215

Application process.

(1) Introduction. This section explains the general application procedures of classification of land under chapter 84.34 RCW including where to obtain an application and the information that must accompany an application for classification or reclassification.
(2) Availability of forms. The assessor and the county legislative authority shall make available application forms for classification or reclassification and shall supply them upon request.
(a) The assessor and the county legislative authority shall provide the appropriate forms, informational materials (including, but not limited to, copies of chapter 84.34 RCW and chapter 458-30 WAC), and reasonable assistance to an owner who submits an application for classification or reclassification of land under chapter 84.34 RCW.
(b) If the county legislative authority adopts a public benefit rating system for the open space classification, it shall prepare the appropriate forms, provide informational materials, and provide assistance to applicants.
(3) The applicant. The applicant shall be the owner of the land described on the application.
(4) If land is purchased or transferred while application is pending. In the event a parcel is conveyed while approval of a timely filed application is pending, the purchaser or transferee shall, upon written request to the granting authority, be given the same consideration as the original applicant; in all aspects of the application process the purchaser or transferee shall assume the original applicant's rights and responsibilities in the application process. However, except for the application fee, the granting authority shall require the purchaser or transferee to satisfy all requirements that otherwise would have been required in accordance with the original application.
(5) Application due date. Application for classification of land according to chapter 84.34 RCW shall be made from January 1 through December 31 for classification or reclassification and the assessment of the land in its classified status will begin on January 1 in the year following application.
(a) In other words, application must be made during the calendar year preceding the assessment year in which the classification or reclassification is to begin and the taxes on the land based on its classified use and status are payable the year following the assessment year.
(b) Example. An owner submits an application for classification on April 1, 1993. If it qualifies for classification, the land will be assessed based on its current use status for assessment year 1994 and the owner will pay taxes based on this assessment in 1995.
(6) Information to accompany application. The application for classification or reclassification shall require only such information as is reasonably necessary to properly classify an area of land under the provisions of chapter 84.34 RCW, including a signed statement as to the truth of the information. It shall also include a statement that the applicant is aware of the potential tax liability involved when the land ceases to qualify as open space, farm and agricultural, or timber land. Additionally, the applicant shall provide a legal description of the parcel of land that is acceptable to the assessor and the granting authority, who shall determine the appropriate classification according to the provisions of chapter 84.34 RCW.
(7) Land in multiple counties. If the land described in the application for classification or reclassification is in more than one county, the owner shall file a separate application with the granting authority of each county.
(8) Waiting period imposed after application is denied. If an application for classification or reclassification is denied, a reapplication covering the same parcel of land, or a portion thereof, may not be submitted to the granting authority until three hundred sixty-five days have elapsed from the date the initial application was received.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 84.08.110, 84.08.070, 84.34.141 and 84.34.360. WSR 95-21-002, § 458-30-215, filed 10/4/95, effective 11/4/95. Statutory Authority: RCW 84.08.010(2), 84.34.141 and chapter 84.34 RCW. WSR 88-23-062 (Order PT 88-12), § 458-30-215, filed 11/15/88.]
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