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PDFWAC 456-10-501

Limitation on discovery.

(1) If applicable and not in conflict with this chapter, the statutes and court rules regarding pretrial procedures in civil cases in the superior courts of the state of Washington will be used. These statutes and rules include, but are not limited to, those rules about the discovery of evidence.
(2) The informal appeal process is not designed for parties who intend to engage in more than a limited exchange of documents and information between the parties. This exchange process is known as discovery. In cases where a party anticipates discovery, a formal proceeding may be better suited as discovery is conducted according to the Washington state superior court civil rules.
(3) The board may limit discovery on its own motion, or by motion of any party. In doing so, the board will apply the criteria and considerations described in WAC 456-10-001 and other provisions in this chapter.
(4) The board may decide whether to allow depositions, requests for admissions, and any other discovery procedure. The board may condition the use of discovery on a party showing that discovery is necessary and that other means of obtaining such information are not available. In exercising such discretion, the board will consider the criteria outlined in RCW 34.05.446.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 82.03.170. WSR 22-13-111, § 456-10-501, filed 6/15/22, effective 7/16/22; WSR 05-13-141, § 456-10-501, filed 6/21/05, effective 8/1/05.]
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