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PDFWAC 456-09-335

Response to a notice of appeal.

(1) The respondent must submit a response to the notice of appeal within 30 calendar days of the board acknowledging receipt of the notice of appeal, unless otherwise ordered, together with proof of service pursuant to WAC 456-09-345.
(2) The response must include:
(a) The respondent's name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, and that of the representative, if any;
(b) The type of tax.
(i) In property tax cases, the parcel number of the property, the assessment year at issue, and the respondent's contended value; and
(ii) In property tax exemption cases, the parcel number of the property, and the year(s) for which the exemption is at issue.
(c) A notice of intent that the hearing be formal and held pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act;
(d) The relief sought; and
(e) A signature or acknowledgment, electronic or otherwise, by the respondent or the respondent's representative that all the information contained in the response is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge, and that he or she will comply with the rules of conduct in this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 82.03.170. WSR 22-05-051, § 456-09-335, filed 2/9/22, effective 3/12/22; WSR 05-13-141, § 456-09-335, filed 6/21/05, effective 8/1/05; WSR 89-10-056 (Order 89-02), § 456-09-335, filed 5/2/89.]
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