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PDFWAC 446-40-025

Line duty disabilities.

(1) Line duty disabilities occur when a commissioned officer of the Washington state patrol is injured or incapacitated while:
(a) Performing traffic law enforcement duties.
(b) Investigating accidents or suspected criminal activities.
(c) Participating in law enforcement training that requires physical exertion, use of firearms, or exposure to hazardous elements.
(d) Performing other activities which must be performed by a commissioned law enforcement officer and exposes the officer to hazardous elements or requires physical exertion.
(2) Injuries that occur while performing activities that do not expose the officer to hazardous elements or require physical exertion, such as, but not limited to, report writing, answering telephone inquiries, attending meetings, or performing limited duty, do not qualify as line duty injuries.
(3) If a commissioned officer assigned to administrative duties must perform work defined as "line duty" and is injured, it will be considered a line duty injury.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.43.040. WSR 89-10-015 (Order 89-01-RD), ยง 446-40-025, filed 4/24/89.]
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