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PDFWAC 446-20-525

Change of address form.

Registered sex and kidnapping offenders who change residence within the same county are required to submit change of address information to the county sheriff within three days.
Registered sex and kidnapping offenders who change residence from one county to another are required to register with the new county of residence within three days of moving and must provide written notice of the change of address or in person to the county sheriff with whom the offender last registered.
County sheriffs must forward "change of address" information to the Washington state patrol criminal records division within five working days upon receipt.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 10.97 and 43.43 RCW. WSR 21-05-044, § 446-20-525, filed 2/11/21, effective 3/14/21; WSR 10-01-109, § 446-20-525, filed 12/17/09, effective 1/17/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 4.24.550, 9A.44.130, [9A.44.]140, 10.02.200, 43.43.540 and 70.48.470. WSR 98-01-021, § 446-20-525, filed 12/8/97, effective 1/8/98. Statutory Authority: 1990 c 3. WSR 90-20-003 (Order 90-003), § 446-20-525, filed 9/20/90, effective 10/21/90.]
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