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PDFWAC 44-10-130


(1) A party who fails to appear at the arbitration hearing will be considered in default.
(2) If a manufacturer defaults the arbitrator shall hold the hearing. The arbitrator shall make a decision based on the evidence presented by the consumer, and any files or documentation contained in the record including the manufacturer's statement and other evidence or documentation submitted by the manufacturer.
(3) If the consumer defaults it shall be considered a withdrawal with prejudice of the request for arbitration. The hearing shall be canceled if the consumer defaults.
(4) The default shall be final unless within twenty-four hours of the hearing time, the manufacturer or consumer contacts the Lemon Law administration to request that the default be set aside. The request shall include evidence of an unforeseeable circumstance that resulted in the failure of the party to appear. Such request shall be considered by the Lemon Law administration program manager who will hear arguments from both parties on the request to set aside the default which may be conducted via telephone conference call. If the default is set aside, a new hearing shall be scheduled within ten calendar days of the original hearing date, and the parties shall be informed of the new date and time at least five business days prior to the hearing date when possible.
(5) If both parties default, the disposition of the case shall be handled as if only the consumer defaulted pursuant to WAC 44-10-130(3).
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