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PDFWAC 434-690-110

Protection of public records.

Records will be made available to the requestor subject to the following restrictions:
(1) The records may not be removed from the area designated.
(2) The quantity of records may be limited in consonance with the requested use.
(3) All possible care will be taken by the requestor to prevent damage to the records.
(4) Records may not be marked or altered in any way.
(5) Use of liquids and fountain pens; also eating, drinking, and smoking while utilizing the records is prohibited.
(6) Records shall not be defaced in any way including writing on, folding or folding anew if in folded form, tracing or fastening with clips or other fasteners except those that may already exist in the file.
(7) Records may not be cut or mutilated in any way.
(8) Records must be kept in the order in which received.
(9) Records will be returned to the state archivist or his designee by the requestor when no longer required and no later than the end of the customary office hours as set forth in WAC 434-690-060.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17.250. WSR 91-23-024, ยง 434-690-110, filed 11/12/91, effective 12/13/91.]
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