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PDFWAC 434-663-740

Security backup copies.

Security backup copies must be made of electronic imaging system records stored on electronic media. The methods and frequency of backup should be determined by the amount of information that would be lost if data had to be restored using the previous backup. Since backup copies are also subject to media failure, it is recommended that redundant (multiple) backup copies be made and stored at different locations, with one copy stored offsite. In order to ensure accessibility of data, at least one redundant backup copy should be recorded in a nonproprietary format. Security backup copy media must be inspected for quality using de facto or industry standards on a regular schedule and replaced before predicted failure. If the primary backup copy of an operational imaging system is found to deviate from the primary production copy due to suspected corruption or read errors, the discrepancy must be located and both the production and backup copies must be corrected to contain accurate versions of the original images.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.14.020(6). WSR 00-20-038, ยง 434-663-740, filed 9/28/00, effective 10/29/00.]
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