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PDFWAC 434-630-050

Duties of the state archivist.

To facilitate the work of the local records committee, the state archivist shall have reasonable access to all public records, wherever kept, for the purposes of information, surveying, or cataloging them and shall perform the following duties:
(1) Provide guidelines to local governmental agencies for their assistance in preparing lists and schedules for destruction authorization.
(2) Record final actions and maintain the official files of the committee.
(3) Designate those records of county, municipal, or other local government agencies which are of primarily historical interest and arrange for document transfer to a recognized depository agency in order to relieve local officers of the burden of housing such records and to insure their preservation.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 40.14 RCW. WSR 92-18-047, ยง 434-630-050, filed 8/28/92, effective 9/28/92.]
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