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PDFWAC 434-324-1065

Felony screening processMailing to potential matches.

The secretary must mail a notification letter to each person under authority of DOC whose status is pending cancellation. The notification letter must be sent to the person's last known registration mailing address and, if the person is incarcerated or on community supervision with the department of corrections, to the person's department of corrections address indicating that their voter registration is about to be canceled. The letter must contain language notifying the person that they must contact the auditor's office to contest the pending cancellation. The letter must also inform the person that they may request a provisional ballot for any pending elections. The notification letter must include:
(1) An explanation that a person under authority of DOC loses the right to vote until the right is restored;
(2) For a conviction in a Washington state court, the right to vote is restored as long as the person is not serving a sentence of confinement or subject to community custody with the department of corrections. For a conviction in another state or federal court, the right to vote is restored as long as the person is no longer incarcerated;
(3) The reason the person has been identified as ineligible to vote;
(4) An explanation that the person's voter registration will be canceled due to the felony conviction if they do not respond within thirty days from the date of the letter; and
(5) How to contest the pending cancellation. The secretary must send to each auditor the voter registration and conviction information for each matched person under authority of DOC registered in that county.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611. WSR 20-13-043, § 434-324-1065, filed 6/10/20, effective 7/11/20.]
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