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PDFWAC 434-262-070

Official county canvass report.

(1) Upon completion of the verification of the auditor's abstract of votes and the documentation of any corrective action taken, the county canvassing board shall sign a certification that:
(a) States that the abstract is a full, true, and correct representation of the votes cast for the issues and offices listed thereon;
(b) Provides the total number of registered voters and votes cast in the county;
(c) Contains the oath required by RCW 29A.60.200, signed by the county auditor and attested to by the chair or designee who administered the oath; and
(d) Shall have a space where the official seal of the county shall be attached.
(2) The official county canvass report shall include:
(a) The certification;
(b) The auditor's abstract of votes as described in WAC 434-262-030. This report may not be subsequently amended or altered, except in the event a recount conducted pursuant to chapter 29A.64 RCW, or upon order of the superior court. The vote totals therein shall constitute the official returns of that election; and
(c) If applicable, a written narrative of errors and discrepancies discovered and corrected.
(3) The certification shall be signed by all members of the county canvassing board or their designees.
(4) The official county canvass report for every primary and election must be submitted to the secretary of state on the day the election was certified.
(5) The county auditor must prepare a reconciliation report for every primary and election as required by RCW 29A.60.235 and state rule, and submit the complete report as directed by the secretary of state. The secretary of state shall review the reconciliation for each county and work with the county auditor to resolve discrepancies. If a discrepancy is resolved, the county auditor shall submit a correct reconciliation report to the secretary of state seven days following the certification of the election. The corrected report then becomes the official reconciliation report for that election. The county auditor shall post the corrected report on the county auditor website.
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