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PDFWAC 434-262-013

Crediting voters.

(1) A voter may not be credited for voting if the ballot was voted after election day, was received later than the day before certification of the election, or will otherwise not be counted.
(2) The crediting of voters in the county election management system must be completed prior to certification of the election.
(3) The reconciliation of voters credited with ballots counted shall be completed prior to certification of the election. The certification must include, but is not limited to, information indicating that the number of ballots counted equals the number of voters credited. If these numbers do not match, the county auditor must take steps to reconcile the numbers and any discrepancies. If the county auditor cannot reconcile the numbers, documentation of steps taken to reconcile and any other applicable information must be included with the official reconciliation.
(4) Changes to the list of registered voters, such as new registrations, transfers, or cancellations, may not be made following a general election until the crediting reconciliation is complete. Correction of errors is allowed.
(5) The county auditor shall make an electronic or paper copy of the list of registered voters immediately following this reconciliation. Following each general election, the county auditor shall use this data to produce the number of voters participating in the election for each taxing district in the county as required by WAC 434-262-017. Once the list is copied and the taxing district voter turnout report is complete, changes to the database may be made.
(6) Following certification of the election, each credited voter's history of voting must be updated in the statewide voter registration database.
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