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PDFWAC 434-260-220

Certification of election administrators.

Election administrators shall become certified upon completion of the following:
(1) Completion of the secretary of state's mandatory certification course;
(2) Two years of service in election administration during the three-year period immediately prior to the request for initial certification;
(3) Taking and passing the open book written exam on Title 29A RCW, Title 434 WAC, the Washington state Constitution, and other applicable state and federal election laws as prepared by the secretary of state;
(4) A minimum of forty hours participation in conferences and workshops as preapproved by the secretary of state.
(a) At least thirty of the required forty hours must be election-specific training.
(i) At least twenty hours of election training must specifically address Washington state elections and must include training hours from attending an annual Washington elections conference.
(ii) Up to four hours of training may be for observing election procedures in other county election departments.
(b) Up to ten hours of training may be for professional development as determined by the county or state approving authority.
(c) All training shall be received not more than five years prior to the date of a request for initial certification.
(d) The secretary of state shall publish a list of election-specific training approved for election administrator certification by January 1, 2020.
(5) A high school diploma or its equivalent.
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