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PDFWAC 434-260-190

Processing of appeal.

Within thirty days of an appeal being filed, the election administration and certification board shall meet to consider the appeal. The board may request that the county auditor, the review staff, or any other persons they deem appropriate, appear before them and assist them in their consideration of the appeal. The board shall have access to all written material prepared by the review staff, including a copy of the preliminary election review report and draft review report. The board, by majority vote, may accept the draft report, may modify all or part of the draft report, or may reject the report in total. In the event the board rejects the report, they shall direct that a new review be conducted and shall detail, in writing, the reasons for rejecting the original report. The board shall issue a written summary of its findings following any consideration of any appeal. The summary shall include the minutes of any meeting of the board to consider the appeal, a summary of the testimony of any witnesses appearing before them, and the reasons for any decision made.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 29.60.020. WSR 99-12-004, § 434-260-190, filed 5/19/99, effective 6/19/99. WSR 98-08-010, recodified as § 434-260-190, filed 3/18/98, effective 3/18/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 29.60.020. WSR 93-18-053, § 434-60-190, filed 8/30/93, effective 9/30/93.]
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