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PDFWAC 434-166-200

Agency records requirements.

(1) Each organization shall keep records at the organizational office of services rendered to host families and students. The records and obligations shall include:
(a) The name, home address, and telephone number of the student (in that student's home country) to whom services are provided or promised.
(b) The name, address, and telephone number of the host family with whom the student is placed, which shall be on file at least seven days prior to the student's arrival in the state of Washington.
(c) Document that each student entered the state with a nonimmigrant visa and is enrolled in a public secondary educational institution.
(d) Document that authorizes enrollment in school of acceptance.
(e) Copy of written records of interview between the organization's representative and the host family.
(f) Copy of correspondence to the student's immediate family advising them of the name, address, family composition, and other background information concerning the host family.
(g) Copy of correspondence to host family(ies) advising them of the name, age, educational status, other background information, and anticipated arrival time of student.
(h) The amount of the organization's fee(s) charged to a student and an itemization of the services attributable to individual portions of the fee(s).
(i) A complete copy of any written agreements entered into between the organization, students, and the host families.
(j) Copy of health and accident insurance policy covering participating students and a statement of how coverage shall be provided.
(2) The records shall be maintained for a period of one year from the date on which the student departs from the state of Washington. For purposes of investigating a complaint or otherwise assuring compliance with this chapter and rules adopted thereunder, the records shall be subject to inspection by the secretary, upon request.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.166.050 and 19.166.060. WSR 92-10-023, ยง 434-166-200, filed 4/29/92, effective 5/30/92.]
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