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PDFWAC 434-166-130

Selection of host family.

(1) The organization is responsible for making all arrangements for the placement of each student with a host family whose home is located in a place convenient to the educational institution in which the student is to be enrolled.
(2) The organization shall make every effort to assure the maximum degree of compatibility between the family and the student, including, wherever possible, the presence in the family of a teenage student.
(3) The organization's representative shall visit the home of, and personally interview, each host family before a student is assigned to such family including verifying that each member of the host family eighteen years of age and older has undergone a criminal background check.
(4) The organization shall ensure that its representative selects only those homes which reflect the high quality expected of the International Student Exchange Agency Program.
(5) A written record shall be made of this visit and interview by the representative, a copy of which shall be maintained by the organization.
(6) Selection of host families and assignment of students shall be made prior to the student's departure from his or her home country.
(7) No organization shall bring a student into the United States without written acceptance from the host family.
(8) The host family shall be advised in writing of the name, age, educational status, other background information, and anticipated arrival time of the assigned student.
(9) The student's immediate family shall be advised in writing of the name, address, family composition, and other background information concerning the host family at the earliest possible time, to permit the exchange of correspondence between the respective families in advance of the student's arrival.
(10) Copies of these notifications shall be maintained in its files by the organization.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.066.050 [19.166.050]. WSR 10-04-035, § 434-166-130, filed 1/27/10, effective 2/27/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 19.166.050 and 19.166.060. WSR 92-10-023, § 434-166-130, filed 4/29/92, effective 5/30/92.]
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