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PDFWAC 434-120-135

Contributor lists.

(1) All charitable organizations registered under this act shall keep records of all contributors to the organization for three years. If a commercial fund-raiser manages a campaign for a charitable organization, either the commercial fund-raiser or the charitable organization must be the entity responsible for maintaining the contributor records for that campaign. These records shall include the names of the following contributors:
(a) Each contributing entity that collects individual donations from an employee or member group or a business, turning them over to the charitable organization as a single sum, such as the United Way;
(b) Each corporation that contributed; and
(c) Each individual who contributed more than twenty-five dollars.
(2) The records shall be compiled and retrievable for a period of three years and shall be turned over within ten working days upon written request of the attorney general or the county prosecutor, although the organization is not required to keep the names in a standard list format at all times.
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