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PDFWAC 430-01-090

Costs of providing copies of public records.

(1) Costs for paper copies. There is no fee for inspecting public records and charges can be waived for humanitarian reasons. However, a requestor may obtain photocopies or printed copies for a fee of fifteen cents per standard 8 x 11 page.
WSSDA reserves [the right ] to charge a flat rate of two dollars if the fees allowed under this procedure to provide the records are equal to, or more than, two dollars.
Before making the copies, the public records officer may require a deposit of up to ten percent of the estimated costs of copying all the records selected by the requestor and the balance to be paid before completion of the records request.
If requested, calculations of the costs excluding sales tax shall be shown to the requestor.
(2) Costs for electronic records. The actual costs for electronic records are as follows:
(a) Ten cents per page for public records scanned into an electronic format or for the use of WSSDA equipment to scan the records;
(b) Five cents per each four electronic files or attachment uploaded to email, cloud-based data storage service, or other means of electronic delivery;
(c) Ten cents per gigabyte for the transmission of public records in an electronic format or for the use of WSSDA equipment to send the records electronically; AND
(d) The actual cost of any digital storage media or device provided by WSSDA, the actual cost of any container or envelope used to mail the copies to the requestor, and the actual postage or delivery charge.
There is no charge for the emailing of electronic records to a requestor, unless another cost applies such as a scanning fee.
(3) Costs of mailing. WSSDA shall charge actual costs of mailing, including the cost of shipping.
(4) Payment. Payment is made by cash, check, or money order to WSSDA.
(5) Customized charges. A customized service charge is imposed by WSSDA when outside information technology experts are needed to prepare data compilations or to customize electronic access services when the compilations and customized access services are not used by WSSDA.
No customized service charge is applicable unless WSSDA notifies beforehand the requestor of the customized service charge explaining its reason, a description of the specific expertise needed, and a reasonable estimate of the charge.
These costs and charges are not exclusive and subject to change upon prior notice.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 28A.345 and 42.56 RCW. WSR 18-09-072, ยง 430-01-090, filed 4/16/18, effective 5/17/18.]
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