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PDFWAC 420-04-010


For purposes of Title 420 WAC, the definitions in RCW 77.85.010 apply. In addition, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following definitions also apply:
"Acquisition project" means a project that purchases or receives a donation of fee or less than fee interests in real property. These interests include, but are not limited to, conservation easements, access or trail easements, covenants, water rights, leases, and mineral rights.
"Agreement" or "project agreement" means the accord accepted by the office and the sponsor for the project and includes any attachments, addendums, and amendments, and any intergovernmental agreements or other documents that are incorporated into the project agreement subject to any limitations on their effect.
"Applicant" means any party that meets qualifying standards as described in RCW 77.85.010(6), including deadlines, for submission of an application soliciting a grant of funds from the board.
"Application" means the documents and other materials that an applicant submits to the office to support the applicant's request for grant funds.
"Board" means the salmon recovery funding board as described in RCW 77.85.110.
"Capacity funding" is a grant to lead entities and regional organizations as described in RCW 77.85.130(4) to assist in carrying out functions to implement chapter 77.85 RCW.
"Chair" means the chair of the board described in RCW 77.85.110.
"Citizens committee" means a committee established by a lead entity that consists of representative interests of counties, cities, conservation districts, tribes, environmental groups, business interests, landowners, citizens, volunteer groups, regional fish enhancement groups, and other habitat interests as described in RCW 77.85.050.
"Director" means the director of the office or that person's designee, as described in RCW 79A.25.150.
"Enhancement project" or "hatchery and harvest enhancement project" means a project that supports hatchery reform to improve hatchery effectiveness to minimize impacts to wild fish populations, ensure compatibility between hatchery production and salmon recovery programs, or support sustainable fisheries.
"Habitat project list" means the list of projects as described in RCW 77.85.010(3) compiled by a citizens' committee and submitted by a lead entity to the board as described in RCW 77.85.050(3). The habitat project list shall establish priorities for individual projects and define the sequence for project implementation as described in RCW 77.85.050. The list of projects in the habitat project list must be within the lead entity area as described in RCW 77.85.050(2). The habitat project list includes the lead entity ranked project list.
"Initiating governments" means the counties, cities, and tribal governments that choose to participate in the formation of a lead entity area.
"Lead entity" means a city, county, conservation district, special purposes district, tribal government, regional recovery organization or other entity that is designated jointly by any one or more of the counties, cities, and Native American tribes within the lead entity area as described in RCW 77.85.050.
"Lead entity area" means the geographic area designated jointly by any one or more of the counties, cities, and Native American tribes within that area, which is based, at a minimum, on a watershed resource inventory area, as described in RCW 77.85.010(13), combination of water resource inventory areas, or any other area as described in RCW 77.85.050(2) that does not overlap with another lead entity area for the same salmon species.
"Lead entity ranked project list" means those projects on the habitat project list that will be implemented in the current funding cycle per RCW 77.85.010(4) and as described in RCW 77.85.060.
"Manual(s)" means a compilation of state and federal laws; board rules, policies and procedures; and director procedures, forms, and instructions assembled in manual form for dissemination to parties that participate in the board's or office's grant program(s).
"Match" or "matching share" means the portion of the total project cost in the project agreement provided by the project sponsor.
"Monitoring or research project" means a project that monitors the effectiveness of salmon recovery restoration actions, or provides data on salmon populations or their habitat conditions.
"Noninitiating governments" means the counties, cities, and tribal governments that decline to participate in the selection of a lead entity area. Any government that declines to participate in the formation of a lead entity area, with or without formal notification, is a noninitiating government. Noninitiating governments may participate in other functions of the lead entity.
"Office" means the recreation and conservation office as described in RCW 79A.25.010.
"Planning project" means a project that results in a study, assessment, project design, or inventory.
"Preagreement cost" means a project cost incurred before the period of performance identified in the project agreement.
"Project" means the undertaking which is, or may be, funded in whole or in part with funds administered by the office on behalf of the board.
"Project area" means the area consistent with the geographic limits of the scope of work of the project. For restoration projects, the project area must include the physical limits of the project's final site plans or final design plans. For acquisition projects, the project area must include the area described by the legal description of the properties acquired in the project.
"Regional recovery organization" or "regional salmon recovery organization" means an organization described in RCW 77.85.010(7).
"Reimbursement" means the payment of funds from the office to the sponsor for eligible and allowable project costs that have already been paid by the sponsor per the terms of an agreement.
"Restoration project" means to bring a site back to its historic function as part of a natural ecosystem or improving or enhancing the ecological functionality of a site.
"Salmon recovery region" means a geographic area as described in RCW 77.85.010(10).
"Sponsor" means an eligible applicant under RCW 77.85.010(6) who has been awarded a grant of funds and is bound by an executed project agreement; includes its officers, employees, agents, and successors.
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