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PDFWAC 415-501-410

How do I enroll in the plan?

(1) As an eligible employee, you may enroll in the plan by executing a participation agreement according to methods established by the department.
(2) By executing the participation agreement, you authorize your employer to reduce your gross compensation each month by a specific amount. This amount will be contributed to your deferred compensation account. Your employer will reduce your compensation by the specified amount until you change the amount (WAC 415-501-450).
(3) Deferrals from your compensation will start during the calendar month after the month your participation agreement is approved by the department.
(4) Reenrollment. If you transfer from a state agency to another state agency without a separation of employment, your deferred compensation program (DCP) enrollment will be automatically transferred to the new state agency. Your contributions will automatically continue. If you separate from employment with a DCP employer (break in service) and return to employment with a DCP employer, you must reenroll in the program if you want to resume contributions to DCP.
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