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Chapter 415-106 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF415-106-080Actuarial factors and schedules.
HTMLPDF415-106-100Am I eligible for PSERS membership?
HTMLPDF415-106-105May I join PSERS if my duties qualify for PSERS membership, but my employer is not specifically listed in RCW 41.37.010?
HTMLPDF415-106-110If I am a member of PERS, may I change my membership to PSERS?
HTMLPDF415-106-200Purpose and scope of reportable compensation rules.
HTMLPDF415-106-205What is reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-210What types of payments are considered reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-215Are salary increases based on longevity or educational attainment considered reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-220Are overtime payments reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-225Is standby pay reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-230Is performance pay reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-235Is a retirement bonus or incentive reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-240Are payments for reinstatement or payment instead of reinstatement reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-245Are retroactive salary increases reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-250Is severance pay reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-255Is sick leave or vacation leave, whether used or cashed out, reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-260Is paid leave, which is not earned over time, reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-265Is the pay I receive from my employer when I am on union leave reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-270Is compensation for periods of absence due to sickness or injury reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-275Are disability insurance or workers' compensation payments reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-280Will the compensation that is imputed to periods of unpaid leave be used in the calculation of my AFC?
HTMLPDF415-106-285Is the pay I receive while on legislative leave reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-290Is compensation applied toward cafeteria plans reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-295Are fringe benefits reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-300Are payroll deductions reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-305Are payments, which are outside my employer's legal authority, reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-310Are optional payments reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-315Are nonmoney payments from my employer reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-320Are reimbursements for business expenses reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-325Vehicles—Is the value of my use of an employer's vehicle reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-330Are vehicle allowances reportable compensation?
HTMLPDF415-106-400If I establish PSERS membership and now hold a state elective position, may I continue to accrue service credit in PSERS?
HTMLPDF415-106-401If I hold a state elective position before establishing PSERS membership, may I establish service credit for my prior service in the state elective position?
HTMLPDF415-106-405May I retire from PSERS while holding a state elective position?
HTMLPDF415-106-490How are the PSERS disability benefits administered?
HTMLPDF415-106-500PSERS disability benefit.
HTMLPDF415-106-510Does my disability qualify me for a PSERS catastrophic duty disability benefit?
HTMLPDF415-106-520How are the PSERS catastrophic duty disability benefits calculated?
HTMLPDF415-106-530Is my disability benefit affected by choosing a survivor option?
HTMLPDF415-106-540Is my catastrophic duty disability benefit reduced for early retirement?
HTMLPDF415-106-550When does my disability benefit end?
HTMLPDF415-106-560Can my disability retirement type change?
HTMLPDF415-106-600What are my retirement benefit options?
HTMLPDF415-106-610How do I apply for retirement benefits?
HTMLPDF415-106-620How does the department calculate my retirement allowance?
HTMLPDF415-106-700What are the return to work rules for PSERS?
HTMLPDF415-106-710How does the department calculate my retirement allowance if I reenter PSERS membership and then reretire?
HTMLPDF415-106-725If I have retired from another retirement system or am eligible to retire, am I excluded from participating in PSERS?
HTMLPDF415-106-900How do I designate a beneficiary, and who will receive a distribution if I die before retirement?
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