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PDFWAC 4-30-022

Meetings and officers.

(1) Meetings.
(a) Regular board meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. on the last Friday of the month in the months of January, April and July or as otherwise determined by the board. The board holds an annual meeting beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the last Friday of October or as otherwise determined by the board.
(b) Either the chair or a quorum of the board has the authority to call special meetings of the board. The chair presides at all meetings. In the event of the chair's absence or inability to act, the vice chair presides.
(c) The board determines duties of the officers.
(d) The board's meetings are open public meetings conducted pursuant to chapter 42.30 RCW. WAC 4-30-026 provides information on how to contact the board's office for meeting times and locations or additional information regarding the board's activities.
(2) Officers.
(a) At the annual meeting the board elects the chair, vice chair, and secretary from its members. The newly elected officers assume the duties of their offices on January 1 following the annual board meeting.
(b) Officers serve a term of one year and can be reelected for one additional term.
(c) Any officer may resign their position by tendering a written resignation to the board.
(d) If a vacancy shall occur in an officer position, the board may either elect a member to fill the officer vacancy for the unexpired term or allow the position to remain vacant until the end of that position's term. If the board decides to elect a member to fill the unexpired term of the officer position, it shall give notice of the board meeting at which a member is to be elected to fill the vacancy. A majority of the board serving is required to elect a member to fill a vacancy. Partial terms do not count against term limits for officers.
(e) The removal of any officer shall require a majority of the serving board plus one additional member including all current officers, provided such action shall not be taken unless notice of such action and vote has been included in the notice for the board meeting.
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