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PDFWAC 392-700-042

Program operating agreements and OSPI approval.

(1) Districts, tribal compact schools, charter schools, agencies, and colleges are encouraged to work together to design programs and collaborations that will best serve students. Many models of operation are authorized as part of the statewide dropout reengagement system.
Regardless of the model of operation, the state funding is allocated to the district, tribal compact school, charter school, or direct funded technical college that is reporting the student's enrollment for the program.
(2) A district, tribal compact school, or charter school may enter into one of the following models of operations through the OSPI approval process:
(a) Directly operate a program where the services are provided by the district, tribal compact school, or charter school resources;
(b) Enter into a partnership with an agency or college that will provide the services through a defined scope of work or contracted services agreement; or
(c) Become part of a consortium with other districts, tribal compact schools, charter schools, colleges, and/or agencies by executing a consortium agreement that is signed by all members.
(3) The purpose of the consortium will be to create and operate a program that will serve students enrolled in multiple districts including tribal compact schools and charter schools, and reduce the administrative burden. If such a regional reengagement consortium is implemented, a consortium lead agency will be identified and assume the following responsibilities:
(a) Take the lead in organizing and managing the regional consortium;
(b) Provide information and technical assistance to districts, tribal compact schools, and charter schools interested in participating in the consortium and providing the opportunity for their students to enroll;
(c) Develop scopes of work with agencies and colleges to operate the programs;
(d) Provide oversight and technical assistance to the program to align with all requirements of this chapter and the delivery of quality programming;
(e) Assist the program with the preparation of required reports, enrollment data, and course records needed to enroll students, award credit, and report FTE and performance to OSPI;
(f) Facilitate data entry of required student data into each district, tribal compact school, or charter school's statewide student information system related to enrollment; and
(g) Work with the districts, tribal compact schools, and charter schools to facilitate the provision of special education, accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and transitional bilingual instruction pursuant to WAC 392-700-147.
(4) A technical college receiving direct funding and authorized to enroll students under WAC 392-121-187 may directly operate a program and serve students referred from multiple districts. The technical college will assume the responsibilities of operating the program as described in this chapter and will meet all responsibilities outlined in WAC 392-121-187.
(5) All programs must be approved by OSPI as follows:
(a) If the program is run by a district, tribal compact school, charter school, agency or college, the program must be approved.
(b) If the program is run by a consortium, both the program and participating districts, tribal compact school, or charter school must be approved.
(c) Any program which meets the definition of an online school program in RCW 28A.250.010 must be approved as an online provider, pursuant to RCW 28A.250.060(2).
(6) Dependent on the model of operations, OSPI will specify the necessary documentation required for approval.
(7) OSPI will provide model documents that can be modified to include district-, tribal compact school-, charter school-, college-, or agency-specific language and will indicate which elements of these standard documents must be submitted to OSPI for review and approval.
(8) Upon initial approval, OSPI will specify the duration of the approval and indicate the necessary criteria to obtain reapproval.
(9) After receiving a notice of approval, OSPI will assign a code to be used when reporting students enrolled in the program.
(10) This chapter does not affect the authority of districts, tribal compact schools, and charter schools under RCW 28A.150.305, 28A.320.035, or any other provision of law to contract for educational services other than reengagement programs as defined by WAC 392-700-015(21).
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