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PDFWAC 392-410-300

Equivalency course of study—Credit for learning experiences conducted away from school or by persons not employed by the school district.

(1) Credit, including high school graduation credit, may be granted for school planned or approved learning experiences primarily conducted away from the facilities owned, operated, or supervised by the district or conducted primarily by individuals not employed by the district.
(2) School planned or approved learning experiences such as, but not limited to, travel study, work study, private lessons, and educational programs sponsored by governmental agencies may be accepted for credit upon compliance with written policies established by the district.
(3) Written policies which permit the granting of credit for such out-of-school learning activities shall be adopted by the district board of directors and shall be available to students, parents, and the public upon request. Such policies shall include at least the following provisions:
(4) A proposal for approval of credit for such learning experiences shall be submitted to the personnel designated in the written policy for review, revision, and approval or disapproval prior to the experience and shall include at least the following information:
(a) Name of program or planned learning experience;
(b) Length of time for which approval is desired;
(c) Objectives of the program or planned learning experience;
(d) Which one or more of the state learning goals and related essential academic learning requirements are part of the program or planned learning experience;
(e) Description of how credits shall be determined in accord with WAC 180-51-050(1);
(f) Content outline of the program and/or major learning activities and instructional materials to be used;
(g) Description of how student performance will be assessed;
(h) Qualifications of instructional personnel;
(i) Plans for evaluation of program; and
(j) How and by whom the student will be supervised.
(5) The reasons for approval or disapproval shall be communicated to the students and parents or guardians.
[Statutory Authority: 2006 c 263. WSR 06-14-009, recodified as § 392-410-300, filed 6/22/06, effective 6/22/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.04.120. WSR 00-19-106, § 180-50-300, filed 9/20/00, effective 10/21/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.04.120 (6) and (8). WSR 84-21-004 (Order 12-84), § 180-50-300, filed 10/4/84.]
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