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PDFWAC 392-185-060

Fees—Payment and procedures.

Consistent with the provisions of chapter 28A.205 RCW as enacted or hereafter amended, fee reimbursements made to certified education centers shall be made in accordance with the following:
(1) There shall be no reimbursement prior to the actual delivery of services.
(2) Payments related to diagnostic procedures and course activities shall be made from available funds first to those clinics which demonstrate superior performance in the judgment of the superintendent of public instruction in accordance with WAC 392-185-030.
(3) No certified education center shall be entitled to receive payment for any student's course work undertaken prior to the completion of the initial diagnostic procedure.
(4) Upon submission of vouchers, the superintendent of public instruction shall reimburse certified education centers under contract for services provided to identified, eligible common school dropouts on the basis of records of diagnostic and instructional services rendered.
(5) Vouchers shall include the following:
(a) A roster of names of students;
(b) Diagnostic fees; and
(c) Fees for instruction based upon class sizes, subject areas and other pertinent data to allow for computation of reimbursement: Provided, That in the event of changes in class size, vouchers shall reflect appropriate changes and documentation shall appear in the records of the education center: Provided further, That this information is submitted on voucher claim forms as provided by the superintendent of public instruction in accordance with written instructions.
(6) After a student has attended an education center, for all or a portion of one hundred thirty-five instructional days, no further reimbursement fees shall be paid by the superintendent of public instruction for that student.
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