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PDFWAC 392-153-032

Curriculum guide and course requirements.

(1) Each school district curriculum guide shall include:
(a) The minimum concepts to be taught, which are: Introduction to highway transportation system; preparing and controlling the vehicle; maneuvering in limited space; signs, signals, and pavement markings; vehicle characteristics; human functions used in driving; roadway variations; intersections, which shall include highway-rail grade crossings; management of time and space; lane changes; passing; nonmotorized traffic; internal factors affecting driving performance, which shall include emotional and behavior issues; physical factors affecting driving performance, which shall include seatbelt usage and its benefits; alcohol and drugs; vehicle maintenance; planning for travel; limited visibility; reduced traction; special driving conditions; vehicle malfunctioning; avoiding and minimizing impact; post-crash responsibilities; legal responsibilities; highway transportation system improvement; fuel conservation; and motorcycle awareness; and driving safely among bicyclists and pedestrians using materials approved by the director of the department of licensing.
(b) The methods of instruction used by the teacher in presenting the material.
(c) The student performance objectives and evaluation criteria.
(d) The activities that will enable a student to accomplish the objectives (while allowing for individual differences) and the required level of competency for each objective.
(e) Information on the fifty hours of adult guided practice and the driving restrictions required by the intermediate driver license.
(f) A flow chart that indicates how the classroom and laboratory lessons are sequenced and integrated.
(g) Classroom and laboratory lesson plans, including driving routes for laboratory experience.
(2) Each traffic safety education course shall include comprehensive written and driving exams.
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