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PDFWAC 392-153-010


(1) A "traffic safety education course" consists of two phases: Classroom instruction and laboratory experience. Laboratory experience is primarily characterized by student on-street driving, but includes simulator and multiple car driving range experience.
(2) A "satisfactory driving record" means an official record from the Washington state department of licensing and/or the corresponding licensing jurisdiction of the teacher's state of residence for the previous five-year period showing all departmental actions and:
(a) Not more than one moving traffic violation within the preceding twelve months or more than two moving traffic violations in the preceding twenty-four months;
(b) No alcohol related traffic violation, conviction or infraction, including any deferred prosecution program resulting from such violation;
(c) No driver's license suspension, cancellation, revocation or denial.
(3) "School district" includes, for the purpose of this chapter, education service districts and private schools approved under chapter 180-90 WAC.
(4) A "completion certificate" is a document provided by the superintendent of public instruction that indicates successful completion of an approved school district traffic safety program and is used to verify such completion to the department of licensing.
(5) "Course work" means credits and/or a combination of credits and professional development approved by the superintendent of public instruction as traffic safety professional development.
(6) "Curriculum guide" means a locally written curriculum, available to and used by each teacher in the traffic safety education program.
(7) "Clock hour" of course work or instruction is defined as not less than sixty minutes of student instruction time.
(8) "Sequenced and integrated" means that the classroom treatment of driving concepts generally precedes the laboratory practice of those concepts and that classroom instruction and laboratory experience are concurrently scheduled.
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