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PDFWAC 392-144-160

Local education agencyVerification of driver's continuing compliance.

(1) Annual evaluation. Every local education agency shall annually evaluate each authorized school bus driver for continuing compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The results of this evaluation of all drivers shall be submitted to the superintendent or their designee no later than the last business day in October of each year.
(2) Verification. This annual evaluation shall certify that the district has verified the following:
(a) That each authorized school bus driver's medical examination certificate expiration date, first-aid expiration date, driver's license expiration date and most recent school bus driver in-service training date has been updated in compliance with procedures established by the superintendent;
(b) That each authorized school bus driver's abstract of driving record provided by the department of licensing has been reviewed and is in compliance with WAC 392-144-103;
(c) That each authorized school bus driver has made an updated disclosure in writing and signed and sworn under penalty of perjury which updates the disclosure required in WAC 392-144-102(4); and
(d) That each authorized school bus driver remains in compliance with the physical requirements of WAC 392-144-102(5).
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