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PDFWAC 392-140-646

Special education safety netState oversight committee actions.

The state oversight committee shall review all safety net applications.
(1) An application reviewed during an application cycle may be:
(a) Approved;
(b) Adjusted for fiscal corrections and approved;
(c) Adjusted for individualized education program noncompliance and approved, if evidence of noncompliance correction is provided;
(d) A combination of (b) and (c) of this subsection; or
(e) Disapproved.
(2) The amount approved shall not exceed the amount authorized by the state oversight committee.
(3) The state oversight committee may not approve an application if there are unresolved audit issues related to special education that are material to the application. For purposes of this section, "audit" means an examination of a subrecipient to determine compliance with the state or federal laws and regulations governing the operation of a specific program and includes program audits, single audits, or any special purpose audit consistent with chapter 392-115 WAC and WAC 392-140-630. "Unresolved" means that the subrecipient has exhausted the audit resolution process described in chapter 392-115 WAC as amended.
(4) Awards approved by the state oversight committee are subject to recovery pursuant to WAC 392-140-675 through 392-140-685.
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