Chapter 391-95 WAC

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WAC Sections

391-95-001Scope—Contents—Other rules.
391-95-002Sequence and numbering of rules—Special provisions.
391-95-010Notice of union security obligation.
391-95-030Assertion of right of nonassociation.
391-95-036Special provision—State civil service employees.
391-95-050Response by exclusive bargaining representative.
391-95-056Special provision—State civil service employees—Response of exclusive bargaining representative.
391-95-070Disputes resolved by commission.
391-95-076Special provision—State civil service employees—Disputes resolved by commission.
391-95-090Petition in writing—Number of copies—Filing—Service.
391-95-110Contents of petition.
391-95-130Escrow of disputed funds.
391-95-136Special provision—State civil service employees—Escrow of funds.
391-95-150Deficiency notice—Preliminary ruling.
391-95-170Notice of hearing.
391-95-190Examiner—Who may act.
391-95-220Settlement conference.
391-95-230Hearings—Reopening of hearing—Briefs.
391-95-250Examiner decision.
391-95-260Withdrawal or modification of examiner decision.
391-95-290Commission action on appeals.
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