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PDFWAC 391-35-050

Contents of petition filing forms.

Each completed unit clarification petition filing form, whether obtained from the agency's website or through the agency's e-filing system, must include all of the following:
(1) Information identifying the parties and their representatives, including:
(a) The name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number of the employer and of the employer's representative; and
(b) The name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number of the exclusive representative and of its principal representative.
(2) Information concerning the parties' relationships, including:
(a) The parties' contractual relationship, indicating that:
(i) The parties have never had a contract; or
(ii) The parties have had a contract, and a copy of the currentor most recent collective bargaining agreement is attached;
(b) The status of negotiations between the parties, indicating that:
(i) The parties' contract is closed; or
(ii) The parties are currently in contract negotiations;
(c) The description of the existing bargaining unit, specifying inclusions and exclusions;
(d) The number of employees in the bargaining unit; and
(e) The history of the bargaining unit, including at least the approximate date of its creation.
(3) An explanation of the proposed change and the reasons for the proposed change, including identification of the position(s), classification(s), or group(s) at issue; the number of employees in each position, classification, or group; and the bargaining unit status of each position, classification, or group.
(4) Identification of other interested employee organizations, including the name, email address, and mailing address of any other employee organization(s) claiming to represent any employee affected by the proposed clarification(s) and a brief description of any contract(s) covering those employees.
(5) Any other relevant facts.
(6) The name(s), signature(s), and title(s), if any, of the person(s) filing the petition as well as the date(s) of the signature(s).
(7) Any other information requested in the unit clarification petition filing form found on the agency's website at or as required through the agency's e-filing system.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.090, 41.58.050, 41.59.110, 41.76.060, 41.80.080, 47.64.135, and 49.39.060. WSR 22-23-101, § 391-35-050, filed 11/16/22, effective 1/1/23. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.090, 41.59.110, 41.58.050, 34.05.413, 41.56.060 and 41.59.080. WSR 01-14-009, § 391-35-050, filed 6/22/01, effective 8/1/01; WSR 96-07-105, § 391-35-050, filed 3/20/96, effective 4/20/96. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.58.050, 28B.52.080, 41.56.090, 41.59.110, 41.56.060 and 41.59.080. WSR 90-06-073, § 391-35-050, filed 3/7/90, effective 4/7/90. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.040, 41.58.050, 41.59.110 and 47.64.040. WSR 80-14-047 (Order 80-6), § 391-35-050, filed 9/30/80, effective 11/1/80.]
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