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PDFWAC 391-25-370

Blocking charges—Suspension of proceedings—Request to proceed.

(1) The executive director may suspend the processing of a representation petition under this chapter pending the outcome of related unfair labor practice proceedings, where:
(a) A complaint charging unfair labor practices is filed under the provisions of chapter 391-45 WAC; and
(b) It appears that the facts as alleged may constitute an unfair labor practice; and
(c) Such unfair labor practice could improperly affect the outcome of a representation election.
(2) The complainant(s) in the unfair labor practice case may file and serve, as required by WAC 391-08-120, a written request to proceed with the executive director. The request to proceed shall specify the case number of the representation proceeding, shall request that the representation petition be processed notwithstanding the pending unfair labor practice case, and shall waive the right to file objections under WAC 391-25-590 (1)(a) based on conduct alleged in the unfair labor practice case. Upon the filing of a request to proceed under this subsection, the executive director may resume the processing of the representation petition and shall summarily dismiss any objections filed in conflict with the request to proceed.
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