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PDFWAC 390-37-050

Enforcement proceduresRespondent's notice of complaint.

(1) Within ten days of receipt by the PDC of a complaint which on its face appears to have merit, or initiation of a complaint by the PDC staff, the PDC staff must notify the respondent that a complaint has been filed, along with an explanation of possible next steps, including the categorization process under WAC 390-37-005. Sending the complaint to the respondent's email address of record as provided to the PDC will constitute sufficient notice.
(2) The notice must set forth the nature of the complaint and the statutory and/or rule provision(s) alleged to have been violated.
(3) Respondents who wish to respond must file their response electronically within fourteen days of being notified by PDC staff, addressing the alleged noncompliance in the complaint. The response may address the respondent's view of which category or categories appropriately address the alleged noncompliance pursuant to WAC 390-37-005 (remediable, technical corrections, etc.). The PDC staff may provide for a shorter response period in order to conclude a timely investigation so the public will not be deprived of important information before the election.
(4) If an alternative response to the alleged violation has been issued as provided by this chapter, the notice must also describe that response, including any conditions the respondent is required to meet.
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