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PDFWAC 390-37-030

Enforcement proceduresStanding and notice for complainants.

(1) When a complaint is filed with the PDC other than by PDC staff pursuant to WAC 390-37-040, neither the complainant nor any other person shall have special standing to participate or intervene in any investigation or consideration of the complaint by the commission or its staff. However, the staff shall give notice to the complainant of any commission hearings on the matter and the complainant may be called as a witness in any enforcement hearing or investigative proceeding. The commission's presiding officer has the discretion to allow comment by a person other than the respondent during the consideration of a complaint by the commission. Any person who wishes to comment should notify staff at least three business days before the proceeding.
(2) The complainant or any other person may submit documentary evidence and/or written factual or legal statements to the staff at any time up to and including the fifth calendar day before the date of any enforcement hearing or proceeding, but complainants are encouraged to provide as much information as possible at the time of filing a complaint to help ensure the complaint review and investigation processes are as thorough as possible. Complainants and others are encouraged to submit evidence electronically wherever feasible.
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