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Chapter 390-20 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF390-20-0101Forms for lobbyist registration.
HTMLPDF390-20-013Lobbyist registration—Photograph—Requirements.
HTMLPDF390-20-014Registration during last calendar quarter of the biennial registration period.
HTMLPDF390-20-015Lobbyists registration—Termination.
HTMLPDF390-20-017Suspension of registration.
HTMLPDF390-20-018Lobbyist voluntary registration.
HTMLPDF390-20-020Forms for lobbyist report of expenditures.
HTMLPDF390-20-020AL-2 Reporting guide.
HTMLPDF390-20-024Lobbyist nonreportable expenses.
HTMLPDF390-20-025Lobbyists expenditures—Apportionment of expenses.
HTMLPDF390-20-026Definition of term "other expenses."
HTMLPDF390-20-027Definition—State elected official, candidate for state office.
HTMLPDF390-20-052Application of RCW 42.17A.635—Reports of agency lobbying.
HTMLPDF390-20-054Agency lobbying—Reporting of lobbying by independent contractors.
HTMLPDF390-20-105Lobbyist's employer—Meaning—Examples.
HTMLPDF390-20-110Forms for lobbyist employers report.
HTMLPDF390-20-111Form for lobbyist employers report of political contributions.
HTMLPDF390-20-120Forms for report of legislative activity by public agencies.
HTMLPDF390-20-125Forms for registration and reporting by sponsors of grass roots lobbying campaigns.
HTMLPDF390-20-130Forms for statement of employment of legislators, state officers, and state employees.
HTMLPDF390-20-140Loss of RCW 42.17A.610 exemptions.
HTMLPDF390-20-141Registration and reporting required when a lobbyist employs another lobbyist.
HTMLPDF390-20-143Application of lobbying provisions to organizations.
HTMLPDF390-20-144Registration and reporting by lobbyist organizations.
HTMLPDF390-20-145Reporting of lobbying events.
HTMLPDF390-20-146Reporting of field trips and other excursions.
HTMLPDF390-20-148Lobbyist direction or control of employer contributions.
HTMLPDF390-20-150Changes in dollar amounts.
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