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PDFWAC 390-16-320

Candidates in small political subdivisionsReporting.

(1) As provided in RCW 42.17A.200 and 42.17A.135(7), a candidate for election in any political subdivision must fully report if the candidate receives $7,000 or more in contributions or expects to receive $7,000 or more in contributions during an election cycle.
(2) It is presumed the candidate "expects to receive" $7,000 or more when any one of the following first occurs:
(a) The candidate or candidate's authorized committee receives at least $7,000 in aggregate contributions, including contributions from the candidate;
(b) The candidate is seeking the same office last sought, the candidate's election is in the current calendar year, and the candidate's campaign contributions in the previous election for the same office were $7,000 or more in the aggregate;
(c) The contributions received on or before March 31st of the election year total $1,250 or more;
(d) The contributions received on or before June 30th of the election year total $2,500 or more;
(e) The contributions received on or before September 30th of the election year total $3,750 or more; or
(f) The candidate otherwise anticipates that $7,000 or more will be received during the election cycle.
(3) Surplus funds carried over from a candidate's previous campaign are not contributions to the candidate's new campaign and do not count toward the $7,000 reporting threshold.
(4) A candidate or candidate's authorized committee that receives, or expects to receive, $7,000 or more must:
(a) Within two weeks of the date the reporting obligation begins under subsection (1) or (2) of this section, file:
(i) A candidate registration, PDC C-1 Report;
(ii) A personal financial affairs statement, PDC F1 Report and, if relevant, the F1 Supplement; and
(iii) Contribution and expenditure reports, PDC C3 and C4 reports with appropriate attachments and schedules; and
(b) Otherwise comply with the campaign finance reporting and other provisions of chapter 42.17A RCW and Title 390 WAC.
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