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PDFWAC 390-16-236

Surplus funds accountsDisclosure.

(1) Registering a surplus funds account.
(a) Any person who opens an account into which surplus funds will be deposited shall register the account by filing PDC Form C-1, Candidate Registration with the commission. The committee name on the C-1 will be the name used by the campaign committee that raised the surplus funds followed by the designation, "surplus funds account." The C-1 must identify by name the treasurer of the account and the bank or depository where the account is held.
(b) The C-1 must be filed within two weeks after the date the account is opened.
(2) Depositing surplus funds.
(a) After a surplus funds account is established, a candidate may deposit into the account all surplus funds from subsequent campaigns.
(b) Only surplus funds may be deposited in a surplus funds account.
(c) A candidate who deposits surplus funds into a surplus funds account discloses an expenditure of campaign funds with the description "transfer to surplus funds account," the amount transferred, and the date the transfer occurred.
(3) Reporting surplus funds expenditures.
(a) The treasurer shall file with the commission a report on the tenth day of each month detailing expenditures made in the preceding calendar month. This report need only be filed if the total expenditures made since the last such report exceeded two hundred dollars. The report shall be on PDC Form C-4, Campaign Summary Receipt & Expenditures.
(b) The treasurer shall file reports as required by (a) of this subsection until the account is closed, at which time a final report shall be filed.
(c) All reports filed disclosing expenditures from the surplus funds account shall be certified as correct by the treasurer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17A.110(1) and 2018 c 304. WSR 18-24-074, § 390-16-236, filed 11/30/18, effective 12/31/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17A.110 and 42.17A.240(11). WSR 17-01-160, § 390-16-236, filed 12/21/16, effective 1/21/17.]
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