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PDFWAC 388-97-4361

Inspection timelines.

(1) In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor suspended the requirement for the department to conduct general periodic inspections of nursing homes under RCW 18.51.091 and 18.51.230.
(2) During the suspension of the general periodic inspection requirements, the department continued to conduct complaint investigations in nursing homes when it became aware of information that indicated an immediate threat to resident health and safety may exist.
(3) The department must prioritize and resume general periodic inspections of nursing homes affected by the suspension of the inspection requirements by applying the following criteria collectively:
(a) The department has identified an ongoing threat to the health and safety of residents through one or more reported complaints, previous inspections, or previous investigations;
(b) Whether the nursing home has had a state or federal remedy imposed in the last 24 months;
(c) The length of time since the last general periodic inspection of the nursing home; and
(d) Any requirements imposed by the centers for medicare and medicaid services, including those for facilities designated as special focus facilities.
(4) The department must conduct a general period inspection for nursing homes licensed after the reinstatement of RCW 18.51.091 and 18.51.230 in accordance with the schedule set by RCW 18.51.091(1) and 18.51.230(1), and chapter 388-97 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.20.090, 70.97.100, 70.97.230, 70.128.040, and 74.42.620. WSR 22-17-051, ยง 388-97-4361, filed 8/11/22, effective 9/11/22.]
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