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PDFWAC 388-97-2720

Resident bathing facilities or rooms.

The nursing home must ensure:
(1) Each resident room is equipped with or located near bathing facilities;
(2) At least one bathing unit for no more than thirty residents that is not located in a room served by an adjoining bathroom;
(3) At least one bathing device for immersion per floor;
(4) At least one roll in shower or equivalent on each resident care unit:
(a) Designed and equipped for unobstructed ease of shower chair entry and use; and
(b) With a spray attachment equipped with a backflow prevention device.
(5) Resident bathing equipment is smooth, cleanable, and able to be disinfected after each use.
(6) For new construction, in each bathing unit containing more than one bathing facility:
(a) Each bathtub, shower, or equivalent, is located in a separate room or compartment with three solid walls;
(b) The entry wall may be a "shower" type curtain or equivalent;
(c) The area for each bathtub and shower is sufficient to accommodate a shower chair, an attendant, and provide visual privacy for bathing, drying, and dressing;
(d) Shower and tub surfaces are slip-resistant;
(e) Bathing areas are constructed of materials that are impervious to water and cleanable; and
(f) Grab bars are installed on all three sides of a shower with the shower head grab bar being "L" shaped.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 18.51 and 74.42 RCW and 42 C.F.R. 489.52. WSR 08-20-062, ยง 388-97-2720, filed 9/24/08, effective 11/1/08.]
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