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PDFWAC 388-96-805

Suspension of payments.

(1) The department may withhold payments to a contractor in each of the following circumstances:
(a) A required report is not properly completed and filed by the contractor within the appropriate time period, including any approved extension. Payments will be released as soon as a properly completed report is received;
(b) State auditors, department auditors, or authorized personnel in the course of their duties are refused access to a nursing facility or are not provided with existing appropriate records. Payments will be released as soon as such access or records are provided;
(c) A refund in connection with a settlement or rate adjustment is not paid by the contractor when due. The amount withheld will be limited to the unpaid amount of the refund and any accumulated interest owed to the department as authorized by this chapter;
(d) Payment for the final sixty days of service prior to termination or assignment of a contract will be held in the absence of adequate alternate security acceptable to the department pending settlement of all periods when the contract is terminated or assigned; and
(e) Payment for services at any time during the contract period in the absence of adequate alternate security acceptable to the department, when a contractor's net medicaid overpayment liability for one or more nursing facilities or other debt to the department, as determined by settlement, civil fines imposed by the department, third-party liabilities or other source, reaches or exceeds fifty thousand dollars, whether subject to good faith dispute or not, and for each subsequent increase in liability reaching or exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars. Payments will be released as soon as practicable after acceptable security is provided or refund to the department is made.
(2) No payment will be withheld until written notification of the suspension is provided to the contractor, stating the reason for the withholding. Neither a timely filed request to pursue any administrative appeals or exception procedure that the department may establish by rule nor commencement of judicial review, as may be available to the contractor in law, shall delay suspension of payment.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.46 RCW, 2010 1st sp.s. c 34, and 2010 1st sp.s. c 37 § 958. WSR 11-05-068, § 388-96-805, filed 2/14/11, effective 2/26/11.]
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