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PDFWAC 388-96-026

New contractors.

(1) For purposes of administering the payment system, the department shall consider a "new contractor" as one who receives a new vendor number and:
(a) Builds from the ground-up a new facility; and operates the new facility with completely new staff, administration and residents. If the "new contractor" operated a nursing facility immediately before the opening of the new facility, then the "new contractor" must operate the new facility with:
(i) Staff and administration that are substantially to completely different than the previous operation of the "new contractor"; and
(ii) A resident population that is substantially to completely different than the residents residing in the previous nursing facility; or
(b) Currently operates, acquires, or assumes responsibility for operating an existing nursing facility that was not operated under a medicaid contract immediately prior to the effective date of the new medicaid contract; or
(c) Purchases or leases a nursing facility that, at the time of the purchase or lease, was operated under a medicaid contract.
(2) A new contractor shall submit:
(a) At least sixty days before the effective date of the contract or assignment, a statement disclosing the identity of individuals or organizations who:
(i) Have a beneficial ownership interest in the current operating entity or the land, building, or equipment of the facility; or
(ii) Have a beneficial ownership interest in the purchasing or leasing entity.
(b) By March 31st of the following year, a cost report for the period from the effective date of the contract or assignment through December 31st of year the contract or assignment was effective.
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