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PDFWAC 388-892-0110

What are vocational evaluation services?

There are three types of vocational evaluation services:
(1) "Brief" vocational assessment services are:
(a) Paper and pencil tests, such as psychometric testing, personality testing, preference and interest inventories that identify an individual's work interests and abilities; and
(b) Typically completed in one day or less.
(2) Comprehensive vocational evaluation services:
(a) Consist of tests and/or assessment methods designed to measure and document an individual's interests, values, work related-behaviors, aptitudes, skills, physical capacities, learning styles and training needs;
(b) Are performed using a variety of techniques, i.e., assessment of functional/occupational performance in real or simulated environments, work samples, psychometric testing, preference and interest inventories, personality testing, personal interviews and analysis of prior work experience and transferable skills;
(c) Identify at least three employment options that the individual could successfully perform either with or without training and long-term employment supports; and
(d) May be completed in three days or less but may vary, more or less, to accommodate the unique needs and abilities of individuals receiving this service.
(3) Situational assessment services are:
(a) Experiences in which individuals perform work in an actual paid employment setting or other realistic work setting to identify an individual's unique work interests and abilities;
(b) Conducted over a negotiated period of time depending on the individual's needs.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20A.310(2), 74.29.020(3) and 74.29.080(8). WSR 03-19-075, ยง 388-892-0110, filed 9/12/03, effective 10/13/03.]
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