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PDFWAC 388-891A-1174

When does DVR purchase and loan a vehicle to you?

(1) DVR only purchases and loans a vehicle to you under exceptional circumstances and when providing a vehicle would be the least cost service to meet your transportation needs. In such exceptional circumstances, no other transportation options are available and it is not feasible for you to relocate or use other transportation options.
(2) You or the driver of your vehicle must participate in an assessment to determine that you, or if you are riding as the passenger in the vehicle, that the driver, can safely operate the vehicle. As part of that assessment, you, or if you are the passenger, the driver, must provide:
(a) A copy of a current, valid driver's license;
(b) A current copy of a driving record disclosing any moving violations and indicating no criminal convictions related to driving a vehicle;
(c) Documentation of your insurability and the anticipated expense of insuring the vehicle to meet DVR's minimum requirements, as outlined in WAC 388-891A-1175; and
(d) Documentation of your ability to maintain insurance coverage.
(3) If the assessment described in subsection (2) of this section reveals any fact that raises a question regarding driving safety, the DVR counselor must require a driving evaluation conducted by a state-certified driver training instructor, or another relevant evaluation, as appropriate. 
(4) When the vehicle has been or will be modified for your use, the driving evaluation described in subsection (3) of this section must be conducted by a certified driver rehabilitation specialist.
(5) The DVR director must approve the purchase of the vehicle and the loan to you.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.29.020(8) and 34 C.F.R., Parts 361, 363, 397. WSR 19-01-012, § 388-891A-1174, filed 12/6/18, effective 1/6/19; WSR 18-12-035, § 388-891A-1174, filed 5/29/18, effective 6/30/18.]
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