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PDFWAC 388-880-035

Refusal to participate in a supplemental or post commitment pretrial evaluation.

If the person refuses to participate in examinations, forensic interviews, psychological testing, physiological testing, or any other interviews necessary to conduct the supplemental or post commitment evaluation under WAC 388-880-030(1), the evaluator must notify the SCC forensic services manager. The SCC will notify the prosecuting agency for potential court enforcement.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 71.09 RCW and RCW 72.01.090. WSR 10-13-130, § 388-880-035, filed 6/22/10, effective 7/23/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 71.09.040(4). WSR 03-23-022, § 388-880-035, filed 11/10/03, effective 12/11/03.]
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