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PDFWAC 388-850-020

Plan development and submission.

(1) All dates in this section refer to the twenty-four-month period prior to the start of the state fiscal biennium.
(2) Before July 1, in the odd year of each biennium, the department shall negotiate with and submit to counties the biennial plan guidelines.
(3) Before July 1, the department shall submit to counties needs assessment data, and before December 31, updated needs assessment data in the odd year of each biennium.
(4) Before April 1, of the even year of each biennium, each county shall submit to the department a written plan for developmental disabilities services for the subsequent state fiscal biennium. The county's written plan shall be in the form and manner prescribed by the department in the written guidelines.
(5) Within sixty days of receipt of the county's written plan, the department shall acknowledge receipt, review the plan, and notify the county of errors and omissions in meeting minimum plan requirements.
(6) Within thirty days after receipt, each county shall submit a response to the department's review when errors and omissions have been identified within the review.
(7) Before December 15 of the even year of each biennium, the department shall announce the amount of funds included in the department's biennial budget request to each county. The department shall announce the actual amount of funds appropriated and available to each county as soon as possible after final passage of the Biennial Appropriations Act.
(8) Each county shall submit to the department a contract proposal within sixty days of the announcement by the department of the actual amount of funds appropriated and available.
(9) The department may modify deadlines for submission of county plans and responses to reviews or contract proposals when, in the department's judgment, the modification enables the county to improve the program or planning process.
(10) The department may authorize the county to continue providing services in accordance with the previous plan and contract, and reimburse at the average level of the previous contract, in order to continue services until the new contract is executed.
[WSR 99-19-104, recodified as § 388-850-020, filed 9/20/99, effective 9/20/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.14.030 and 71A.16.020. WSR 92-09-115 (Order 3373), § 275-25-020, filed 4/21/92, effective 5/21/92. Statutory Authority: RCW 69.54.040 and 71.24.190. WSR 83-03-011 (Order 1936), § 275-25-020, filed 1/12/83. Statutory Authority: RCW 69.54.040. WSR 78-08-086 (Order 1322), § 275-25-020, filed 7/28/78; Order 1142, § 275-25-020, filed 8/12/76.]
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