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PDFWAC 388-845-3000

What is the process for determining the services you need?

Your service needs are determined through the DDA assessment and the service planning process as defined in chapter 388-828 WAC. Only identified health and welfare needs will be authorized for payment in the person-centered service plan.
(1) You receive an initial and annual assessment of your needs using a department-approved form.
(a) You meet the eligibility requirements for ICF/IID level of care.
(b) The comprehensive assessment reporting evaluation (CARE) tool will determine your eligibility and amount of personal care services.
(c) If you are in the basic plus, CIIBS, or core waiver, the DDA assessment will determine the amount of respite care available to you.
(2) From the assessment, DDA develops your waiver person-centered service plan with either you, or you and your legal representative, and others who are involved in your life such as your parent or guardian, advocate, and service providers.
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