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PDFWAC 388-832-0300

What is parent and sibling education?

(1) Parent and sibling education is training for parents and siblings who have a family member with a developmental disability offering relevant topics. Training may include coping with family stress, addressing a child's behavior, managing the family's daily schedule, or advocating for a child with a developmental disability.
(2) The provider of parent and sibling education must be providing a service in your person-centered service plan (PCSP), contracted with DDA, and licensed, registered, or certified as:
(a) An audiologist;
(b) An American Sign Language instructor;
(c) A certified dietician;
(d) A licensed practical nurse;
(e) A marriage and family therapist;
(f) A mental health counselor;
(g) A nutritionist;
(h) An occupational therapist;
(i) A physical therapist;
(j) A psychologist;
(k) A registered counselor;
(l) A registered nurse;
(m) A sex offender treatment provider;
(n) A social worker; or
(o) A speech and language pathologist.
(3) Parent and sibling education may also be provided by an advocacy organization.
(4) Parent and sibling education may be a reimbursable expense through a DDA contract, or paid directly to the contracted provider.
(5) The following limits apply to parent and sibling education:
(a) Parent and sibling education does not include conference fees or lodging.
(b) Viewing videos at home by your parent or sibling does not meet the definition of parent or sibling education.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030 and 71A.12.161. WSR 18-14-002, § 388-832-0300, filed 6/20/18, effective 7/21/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030, 71A.12.040, and 2007 c 283. WSR 08-16-121, § 388-832-0300, filed 8/5/08, effective 9/5/08.]
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