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PDFWAC 388-832-0200

What are specialized medical equipment and supplies?

(1) Specialized medical equipment and supplies are items that help you:
(a) Increase or maintain ability to perform activities of daily living; or
(b) Perceive, control, or communicate with the environment in which you live.
(2) Specialized medical equipment and supplies may include durable and nondurable equipment that are specialized or adapted, and generally are not useful to a person in the absence of illness, injury, or disability.
(3) The developmental disabilities administration (DDA) may cover items and services necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the equipment and supplies.
(4) The provider of equipment and supplies must be an equipment supplier contracted with DDA or a parent who has a DDA contract.
(5) The following limits apply to specialized medical equipment and supplies:
(a) Specialized medical equipment and supplies – except for incontinence supplies such as diapers, disposable pads, and wipes – require prior approval by the DDA regional administrator or designee.
(b) DDA may require a second opinion by a DDA-selected provider.
(c) Items reimbursed with state funds must be in addition to any specialized medical equipment and supplies furnished under medicaid or private insurance.
(d) DDA does not cover medications or vitamins.
(e) DDA only covers specialized medical equipment and supplies that are:
(i) Of direct medical or remedial benefit to you; and
(ii) Necessary as a result of your disability.
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